InSyBio Suite delivers over Internet high-performance, user-friendly and installation free tools to biology researchers with minimum knowledge of software usage. It is based on a series of patented or in the process of getting a patent pipelines, algorithms and tools that have been recognized and awarded by the academic community. Using InSyBio Suite, biology researchers can save time and a significant amount of money while reassuring high performance and robustness in their data analysis.
The current version of InSyBio Suite includes the following tools:
InSyBio Interact

A tool offering prepossessing and analysis options for proteomics and interactomics biological data and prediction of protein interactions.

InSyBio ncRNAseq

A tool for the analysis of non-coding RNA molecules and extraction of biomarkers from them.

InSyBio BioNets

A tool which enables the application of data mining techniques on biological networks and the analysis of transcriptomics datasets for biomarker discovery.

InSyBio Biomarkers

A tool for the identification of biomarkers from single and multi-omics datasets combining statistics and machine learning.

InSyBio DNASeq

A tool which enables the fast and accurate pre-processing and analysis of DNA-sequencing data by non-bioinformatics experts with optimized pipelines.

InSyBio Pipelines

A tool that takes as input a dataset file and after performing statistical and network analytics, it uses the dataset to train a machine learning model identifying at the same time the optimal biomarkers for the trained model.

InSyBio Data Store

A set of tools for storing and managing biological datasets.

Corresponding version: 3.2, Date: January 2024.
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